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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to purchase the Kawasaki Protection Plus extended coverage?
Kawasaki Protection Plus may be purchased any time before the Limited Warranty expires.
Can I extend my Kawasaki Protection Plus coverage after I’ve already purchased it?
Once the initial Kawasaki Protection Plus coverage is purchased, your Kawasaki product may be eligible to have the coverage renewed for up to 72 total months of Kawasaki Protection Plus. Terms vary by VIN/HIN, so please check with your Kawasaki dealer, call 800-357-8540, or input your VIN/HIN on the homepage to view eligibility, terms, and pricing.
Is my Kawasaki Protection Plus valid at all Kawasaki dealers?
Yes, your Kawasaki Protection Plus extended service contract is valid at any authorized Kawasaki dealer in the U.S.
I'm thinking of buying a used Kawasaki street bike from my Kawasaki dealer. Can I buy KPP?
Pre-Owned Kawasaki Protection Plus is available on certain street motorcycles and ATVs based upon specific mileage and time limitations. Pre-Owned Kawasaki Protection Plus is only available at the time the eligible pre-owned Kawasaki product is purchased from your authorized Kawasaki dealer.

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