Kawasaki Protection Plus™

Your Kawasaki powersports product is more than just a machine; it’s an investment in unsurpassed engineering and technology. And while failures are rare, parts and labor costs can reflect the complex components and systems that make your Kawasaki a leader in performance and excellence.

Kawasaki Protection Plus offers comprehensive coverage to protect your investment for years to come. Knowing and trusting the company that offers the extended coverage is very important. So, insist on Kawasaki Protection Plus, because who better to back your Kawasaki product than Kawasaki.

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If you are a new owner or have recently moved it is required that your ownership information is up to data with Kawasaki prior to purchasing a Kawasaki Protection Plus extended service contract.

You may update your current ownership information on this site by following the link below.

Please note: The ownership information must be updated before KPP can be purchased on-line. Please allow two (2) business days to process your update.

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